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Hello All,

2007 is twindeling down and soon it'll be 2008... I can't believe how quickly this year has Flown By. My son, Daniel is now 6 and is growing very rapidly and there is nothing I can do to slow his grown done. Though I am glad he is becoming such a Great young man learning and loving as he gets older w/ each passing day. And yes, there are tons he is still learning, but that's life. We all are learners as well as teachers, leaders, etc. We can be whatever we put our hearts, souls, and minds, too. God willing and loving gives everything that is in our grasp. Though, he gives us our own fates to walk and prepare our future and to live it w/ each passing day. But I don't need to say more, b/c life is ever-changing and I need to look forward, stay on the path of love, righteous, and honor, and to be the Sweet, loving, caring, and supportive lady that I have become.

I also wanna tank all the ladies and gentlemen in my life who have supported me and cared for me and my well being. I would not be where I am today w/o my family, close friends, and all I've met online at Fanbolt, MySpace, and here, you all know who you are. And I'll be seeing you around. *hugs* for all of you, my dearest friends. <333

Christmas is Coming.........

And I'm very excited about it. :D But I am Most Happy about my Brother being home from Iraq... He'll be with us until almost mid January. We have planned to see movies together, order Papa Johns pizza, and hang out tons of times together (w/ and w/o family). ;)

Recently, I had my 26th bday... Which was special b/c of all the lovely gifts I received from my song and family, the bday banners ppl from Fanbolt created for me, and I just had a beautiful & wonderful day on the 3rd. ;} Tanks to all for everything and much love from me...

If you've got my Myspace link, check out the banners and more. :0 Soon, I'll be (hopefully) be changing or adding creative things to my profile here... I may need help.

Until them luv you all and see you all around here or there.
~Shawna Lea

Hello All,

I just added a few new pixies of mine in my Scrapbook Gallery, please check it out. I haven't been on much b/c of my internet connection, but all is well. Daniel has now turned 6 and finished up his season of Rec Soccer. He did well and we're thinking of having him in the spring season of Soccer too. :D I'll have to see what happens... And finally, next weekend I'll be out of town for a Revolve Tour for gals. It'll be tons of fun. I'll let you know how it goes. *Yippee*

~Peace Out~
Shawna Lea
I noticed over on Myspace, that you have a Birthday coming up soon.  If I don't get a chance to leave you a msg here or anywhere, just know I know you'll have the Best day which will be filled w/ tons of FUN and your Dreams will come true. ;)   But until then, have a grand day, Rissa and I'll be seeing you over at FB.

with much love,
~Shawna Lea

Okay Peeps, I'm new to this...

I will accept any and all help from those who know me from MySpace or FB.  I will gladly accept all help.  And now, I've got to jam to go exercise. :)



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