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LOVE, love, Love!

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It's that time for a new message about myself:

My name is Shawna Lea.

I Still love life and the people close to my heart. I have a son named Daniel and a daughter, ZoeRin.

I also LOVE horses, giraffes, dogs, cats, teddy bears, fairies, and unicorns. I believe in a LORD who is Almighty and GREAT, I believe that I and my son have Guardian angels, and I also Believe Jesus came and save us all from sin. And I am also a preschool teacher and love to teach & be w/ children. (This will never change!)

If you can I do have a Photography Gallery to share w/ you all as well as some fanart... Check it out. And I'll continue to post more here. ;D
and more, arts & crafts, children, dance, friends-time, music, my daughter sing, my son play soccer, photography, pilates, scrapbooking